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It is a identyfing pendant made of stainless steel covered by a resin dome that provides protection to the pendant. The pendant has a individual QR code which contains all your pet "vital" information. If your pet gets lost, a long time may elapse before contacting you, even if your pet have been fitted with the required ID microchip. With Mascota QR Sensations, anyone can scan the QR code with a smart phone and contact you.
Mascota QR Sensations pendant is a supplementary system but not exclude the use of legally binding methods.
Activate / Visualize pet data
¿Do you want to activate a pet tag?

¿Have you found a lost pet and you want to see his data?

You can do it scanning the QR code of the pet tag with a smartphone. If you don't have a QR code scanner, fill in the following URL with the URL you will find under the QR code of the tag

You will find a direct link to modify your pet tag data in the e-mail we sent you when you registered the tag.
If you don't have the e-mail, you can manage your pet tags here using your user and password.
  • If your pet gets lost and someone finds it, it will be very easy to contact you.
  • Everytime the pet QR code is scanned, we will send you the GPS position where scannig has taken place.
  • We will send you an alert automatically when someone scans the QR code, we will also inform you about the GPS location.
  • If the person who finds your pet does not have a smart phone, he/she may retrieve your contact information typing your pet tag address in his/her browser. The pet tag includes a brief explanation of the steps to follow to allow your pet go back home.
  • Your personal data may or not be visible when the QR code is scanned, you can activate the visibility if your pet gets lost. If your information is not visible, anyone scanning the tag may contact you through a contact form.
  • You may update your pet and contact data as many time as you want and so, reuse the tag for other pets.
Tag price is 14.90€ (tax included) and it includes:

If you would like to stock our pet tag, please contact us in sales@qrsensations.com or through our contact form
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