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Provide detailed information about your products, through the use of QR codes: Origin, instructions etc.

We provide a labeling service for your products in which you may include detailed information about them.
If a customer scanned a product QR code, the product information would be delivered directly to the customer mobile device.
Our QR Analytics service will provide you information about scans and with our GPS system you will know where they have taken place.
You can customize your product information depending on the location where the QR code has been scanned.
Product information language may change depending on the location where the QR code has been scanned.
Customize your QR codes requesting a Exclusive QR Template, so that your QR codes will represent your brand. With a unique template, you may generate as many QR codes as you need.
Monitor your product scans through our real time charts.
For more information, please contact us in sales@qrsensations.com or through our contact form
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